Campus for Jewish Life

The Campus for Jewish Life is a California based organization, which seeks to provide a unifying and stable home base for members of the international Jewish Diaspora. The Campus aims to provide an exclusive social meeting point for members of our community. Our aim is to enrich the lives of those around us through joint activities, the mixing of personalities and the solidarity of history and spirit, which binds us together so tightly. All ages are welcome, from the youngest of the young, to the oldest of the old, and everybody in-between; we wish to keep alive our rich traditions while basking in the warm glow of familiarity that arises between those who understand each other’s spiritual journeys intuitively.

9088690893_9d3cde0b24_o We are open to new members and actively encourage people to come along and see what we are all about, we are sure that all visitors will be impressed by the hospitality they are shown, as well as the vibrancy which engulfs the whole community. We come together as a unit, and this unity gives us strength of purpose in order to move forward, into the future, strong and inspired. By living as an enclosed community, we are able to self-regulate and for this reason, there are much greater levels of social harmony than are found in most parts of the country. California is the perfect location for us, the weather is fine all year round, and everything we could ever want is never more than a short drive away. With that in mind, all that could be lacking is companionship and friendship, that is where we come in. We seek to provide for that missing part of the soul that we all seek – understanding, the type of empathy that is really only possible with those that understand our struggles and wish to work together for the good of our people.

On our campus, we also have a specialized area set aside for our older residents to enjoy their twilight years together, in comfort and joy – the Moldaw Family Residence is a progressive new senior living community; but open to all. We firmly believe that we must stick together; we have been through the hard times already, now it is time to enjoy our golden period together as a unified, vibrant and progressive community. We are a forward-looking community and seek to give our residents that kind of enlightened living experience that makes every day more worth living for than the last.